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Did you know the elephant was one of the first 'vehicles' that allowed humans to overcome large obstacles and become more efficient and productive than ever before?

At ThriveHB, we understand life comes at you fast and can come with many barriers. That is why we are a multifaceted company seeking to provide organization solutions and general problem-solving for your home or office. ThriveHB works with you side-by-side to evaluate, develop, and manage your current workflow – at home or in your business – to ensure you can make the most out of your day.​​​

Whether you are busy parent juggling carpool, dinner, and extracurricular activities or a small-business owner hoping to seamlessly build your team, delegate tasks, and open lines of communication, ThriveHB has a solution for you!

Kelly L. Thakkar, Founder 


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    Home Solutions
Our goal is to simplify your busy life by making your daily routine as efficient and hassle-free as possible.

Our consultants can assist with:
• Downsizing
• Upgrading
• Nursery setup
• Unexpected tragedies
• Joint-family preparation
• Space decluttering
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    Business Solutions
Our goal is to optimize productivity by establishing or refining standard operating procedures within your business with the goal of developing work-life harmony. 

Our consultants can assist with:
• Workflow management
• Agenda development and execution
• Marketing campaigns
• Event planning
• Developing and refining standard operating procedures (SOPs)
• Electronic documentation collection and sharing

  1. "I hired Kelly to assist with packing & unpacking during a recent move. I was blown away by her ability to pack my belongings in an organized fashion which facilitated an easy unpacking process. I had some reservations about having an “outsider” organize my home as I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find anything after she left. However, her systematic method of organizing was uncluttered & fluid. I able to locate everything with ease & I’ve been able to maintain the organization since moving in. Kelly was motivated, passionate, & professional. I would recommend her & her services to anyone looking to organize & simplify their lives!"
    Home Organization Customer
  2. "When my job required me to move out of state, I hired Kelly to manage two of my Cincinnati rental properties. Kelly and I met to discuss my needs and priorities and quickly organized a plan to keep both me and my tenants informed and on schedule for routine maintenance. Kelly schedules and sends reminders to my tenants when maintenance services are due, schedules contractors as needed, and confirms billings are paid. Kelly has been available each time I've needed her and has made extra trips to purchase materials and supplies and personally deliver them to the property. I can count on Kelly to make decisions in my absence, take good care of my properties and give quality service to my tenants."
    Business Organization Customer
  3. "Every mom NEEDS to hire Kelly to help get organized prior to giving birth! I was 34 weeks pregnant when Kelly came to get our home (and my husband and I) ready for our first baby girl. To say we were clueless was an understatement! Kelly came into our nursery, guided me to the rocker (with my feet up!), assessed the space/furniture and got to work. She organized all our clothes and baby supplies into meaningful places! She involved me in all decisions and even thought about how many steps I would have to take to get to things. She even thought to organize the clothes in the closet for future-use, packed the hospital bags, and made quick diaper stations in the master bedroom and living room to save us during those first few weeks. I am not exaggerating when I say, I did not move a single item after we brought home our little girl home. Everything was so well-thought out and executed. I am not sure what was more comforting - Kelly's friendly, experienced nature or feeling prepared to bring our baby home! "
    Home Organization Customer